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When it comes to hospital printing services, we know our customers want to get their collateral and be on their way. At City Blue Digital Imaging, we strive to give our hospital clients the quickest turnarounds and most compelling visual displays to give a lasting impression on patients, tradeshow attendees, and their fellow hospital staffers.
Tradeshow Signage
Making an impression at a medical tradeshow can be downright impossible without compelling, colorful banners and signs that draw in those leads and connections. City Blue’s graphic designers will ensure that your voice is heard and your message delivered at every tradeshow.
Office Signs
Tired of those old, tired displays on your desks or the vinyl overlays on your doors? We’ve created something truly special to save you money and modernize your hospital—modular signage.
Wayfinding Signage
Hospitals can be difficult to navigate for even the most seasoned individuals. We make it easy to direct your foot traffic and get patients and visitors in and out quickly without a great deal of effort on your part.
Print Service Bundles
In addition to our extensive selection of signage and banners, we have the ability to work with you to provide a variety of print services that fit your specific needs. This includes:
  • Business cards
  • Large format printing
  • Mailers
  • Letterheads
  • Labels
  • Forms
We’re prepared to be your one-stop print shop.

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